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    Notification of recording or text once the necessary number has been called.
    Cloopen provides?two options of pure?voice notification?and interactive voice notification.
    Pure voice notification automatically ends the call once the user has been notified. With interactive voice notification, once the
    users?accept?the call, they are directed?to human enquiries or other functions through instructions of pushing different keypad buttons.
    Voice notifications can automatically call customers to notify them
    to collect express and confirm order?so as to?save manpower and communications costs.
    In partnership with online food ordering site, we have created a favorable user experience.
    Rider Messenger can send voice notifications in advance when faced with
    concentrated?deliveries?such as in offices,?schools or other places, automatically notifying users to collect
    their express deliveries. This has greatly increased the?riders’?efficiency of deliveries.
    With just one button, batch notifications can be
    sent to many users, thus increasing efficiency.
    The platform sends notifications promptly as
    automatic voice notifications.
    Cloud Communications’ voice notification service and
    lead to great savings in labor and communications costs.
    • Step1
      The system automatically calls numbers
      in line with pre-set procedures
    • Step2
      Once the users receives the call, they
      can listen to the voice content
    • Step3
      Once the users confirms delivery, they
      can enjoy a delicious meal
    Ele.me is a well-known Chinese online meal-ordering platform covering hundreds of?
    cities in China?and has tens of millions of users. It brings together ?tens of thousands of catering users.
    After using voice notification, the delay of merchants receiving orders?
    has been reduced greatly, and each customer no longer?had?to wait the order?for a long time.
    ——Marketing Operation Manager, Lazhasi Network Technology (Shanghai)
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