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    To protect the numbers of both parties and avoid leaking, bypassing of agents and disturbance.
    Use of the virtual intermediary number can protect the mobile
    numbers of both parties ona call by keeping the number unknown to the opposite party. It completes number protection
    while achieving safe calls. It is suitable for taxi hailing, express couriers and logistics, intermediary services,
    consultancy services, and classified information platforms. It can protect users’
    privacy, and also avoid information being snatched or transactions by passing agents.
    Through in-depth cooperation with network operators,
    Cloopen provides telephone number resources for both fixed line and mobile phone. Each number
    resource can function as a virtual intermediary number in order to meet the needs of
    variousindustries to protect their numbers in different scenarios.
    We assisted ride-sharing providers in establishing a model for secure calls.
    The driver can not directly see the passenger’s mobile number, but is still able to make smooth contact with the
    passenger. This ensures that the passenger’s number are not leaked, and they are not harassed.
    • Step1
      The driver clicks the button to contact
      the passenger
    • Step2
      The driver contacts the passenger by
      calling the assigned secure number
    • Step3
      The passenger receives a call from the
      same secure number
    The driver clicks the button to contact the passenger and the virtual
    intermediary number protects the privacy of both parties to avoid leaks.
    It supports functions such as recording of conversations, and call records.
    Cloud Communications will randomly assign a number A to replace the
    passenger’s true number, and the driver dials this number to
    contact the passenger.
    When the passenger receives the call from the driver,the number displayed
    is the same number A. Once the transaction is complete, this number
    becomes void, and neither party can use it again to make contact with the
    opposite party.
    DiDi is a one-stop travel service platform offering multiple
    services including taxis, tailored car rental, ride sharing, substitute driver and buses. by September 2015,
    DiDi had accounted for 99% of China's taxi-hailing software market.
    Protects the privacy of both parties. Promote values and branding!
    Cloopen’s mobile phone number service is effective in preventing the leaking of passengers’ mobile phone numbers.Their solution has not
    altered the using habits of drivers or passengers, and orders are communicated smoothly within their period of validity.
    ——DiDi?Operation team
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