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    The best choice for enterprises
    Quickly building the “voice calling+all-channel+all-media”communication platform for enterprises;
    quickly connecting to your clients, and perfectly improving users’ communication experience.
    • Intelligent Phone Voice/
    • All-channel Customer Service/
    • Integration of CRM and Work Orders/
    • All-embracing Monitoring
    • Customer Service of Various
      Types and Methods
      A customer service center providing compre-
      hensive service of various types (e.g. phone,
      online and social media software) and various
      methods (e.g. voice, video and IM).
    • Perfect Integration of Robotic
      and Human Customer Service
      By building massive vocabulary, intelligent
      robotic service can accurately identify the
      issues that users meet, quickly and precise-
      ly respond, and reduce the cost of human
      customer service.
    • Customer Service App Connecting
      to Clients Anytime Anywhere
      Cloopen customer service center allows free
      switch between computers and smartphones,
      and data on multiple platforms are synchro-
      nized in real time.
    • Seamless Integration Calling centers of new types increasingly inte-
      grate all kinds of applications involved in the
      operation and management of enterprises,
      and it has been a trend to seamlessly integrate
      with the business system.
    • Flexible Expansion/Being
      Personalized customer service centers are
      customized and tailored as needed wherev-
      er customer service agents are.
    • Sposter
      Sposter is a 24-hour express delivery collection
      service with the biggest market share within China.
      Its operations cover the whole country.
      The problem that how to deal with customer
      feedback efficiently and promptly had lways trou-
      bled the company. After introducing Cloopen’s
      cloud customer service system,
      Sposter’s efficiency in dealing with
      customer problems achieved a
      substantial increase.
    • Wecash
      Wecash is a renowned Internet-based credit evalu-
      ation platform across the Asia-Pacific region. Due
      to its official account followed by 45 million
      WeChat followers and a variety of WeChat users
      consulting every day, Wecash uses the Cloopen
      Cloud Customer Service System whose multi-chan-
      nel capability supports consulting via not only
      WeChat but also phone, Weibo, app, email, SMS
      and H5, thus greatly enhancing the satisfaction of
      Wecash users.
    • Lagou
      Lagou is an Internet-based recruiting platform
      providing service for outstanding job seekers and
      enterprises. It currently provides service for more
      than 140 thousand enterprise users and 11.17
      million individual users. The product feature that
      Cloopen Cloud Customer Service System is
      cloud-based allows Lagou to reduce its operational
      cost during the early operation period and to
      quickly normalize its business.
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