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    Five key communications services
    Over one hundred different communications interfaces.
    • Call Center
    • Telemarketing
    • SMS API
    • Voice API
    • Data
    Cloud Call Center
    No more missed call(s) from customers.
    As a cloud service platform, a quick response is given to customers.
    CRM and mobile work order systems provide your customers with a superior pre- and post-sales service.
    Intelligent big data filtering of high-volume sales leads is effective in bringing improvements
    in the conversion rate of business opportunities.
    Functions including performance evaluation, and data analysis enable the better
    formulation of sales management and solutions.
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    Cloud-based Telemarketing
    Cloopen provides a professional telemarketing
    cloud-based service platform for enterprises that need telemarketing.
    Enterprises are not required to build any software or hardware;
    instead, they only need to pay as needed to enjoy high-quality and intelligent telemarketing outbound service.
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    As a professional SMS verification code delivery service provider,
    Cloopen provides not only multi-platform support, but facilitates accessing to enterprises in 15 mins.
    Over a decade’s experience in communications,
    operator support experience, and first-tier business validation ensure
    the platform’s high concurrence and zero-fault operation.
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    Voice API
    Low costs - inbound call service
    Privacy-protection - virtual intermediary number
    Highly efficient - voice notification
    Low costs - voice/conferencing
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    Through our products you can ---
    Help APP, game and E-commerce carry on the mobile data gift-giving according to the user's mobile phone number.
    Help the product upgrade the marketing promotion efficiency quickly and increase the customer conversion rate.
    Provide the functions of detailed inquiry and mass export for phone data gift-giving.
    Analyze user group data to help distribute the phone data gift accurately.
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    Just like merchandise on a supermarket shelf, Cloopen-Cloud
    Communications provides clients with a rich array of communications capabilities with different pricing model.
    15 years of technical experience in the communications sector has helped us better understand the needs
    of our clients, and develop various user-friendly APIs.
    No entry barrier to making adjustments, no minimum charge threshold, 24/7 technical support.
    In the past, writing code takes days or longer.
    Now it only takes 15 minutes to complete the docking and can be used in 1 day by accessing API.
    SMS API Clients
    SMS API Clients
    Cloud Call Center Clients
    Cloud Call Center Clients
    • DIDI
    • XIAO MI
    • 360FINANCE
    • TU JIA
    Delayed and erratic delivery of the SMS security code?
    Customer harassment caused by the leaking of mobile phone numbers?
    We provide security code solutions, anonymous telephony solutions, guarantee prompt and
    reliable delivery of security codes while ensuring that telephone numbers will be leaked.
    Many well-known internet companies in China are our clients, including Didi Dache.
    As a prime global internet mobile phone brand,
    Xiaomi's MIUI firmware has won the love of Xiaomi mobile phone users and
    other users who have updated their phone's firmware.
    To provide users with a better call service, MIU has embedded Cloud Communications' SDK,
    which well supports and extends Xiaomi's spirt "Born for You, Burn for MI".
    360 Finance is a comprehensive internet financial services group within Qihoo 360.
    It brings together three financial sectors including money management,
    loans, and insurance into six key business lines including the brands, Your Wealth, Private Banker,
    360 Gold Prospector, 360 Stocks, and 360 IOU.With the implementation of Cloopen's private cloud service program,
    we met the real-time and security requirements of our client.This has greatly increased the quality of
    our service and our efficiency while reducing the potential drain of customers.
    By using the Cloopen platform, Tujia provides multi-channel
    customer service and one-stop solution, which includes voice customer services,
    WeChat customer services, website on-line customer services, and enterprise app customer service.
    Thus the work done with regard to every customer services increased
    the efficiency of their operations by 60%.

      Cloopen's products are fully functional,
      and the iteration is fast. Products are
      updated each month, and constantly
      updated each week.

      The continuous optimization of the system
      makes the operation more convenient.
      It is easy to operate for experienced
      professionals and novice users.


      As No.1 Internet Communication Enter-
      prise in China, we have served large en-
      terprises such as Hainan Airlines, State
      Grid, Baidu and so on until now.

      Cloopen has been affirmed continuously by
      big customers so it has been highly
      recognized in the industry.


      Cloopen has more than 200,000 regis-
      tered clients and more than 50,000 paid
      business clients.

      The accumulation of rich customer exper-
      ience allows us to provide the most comp-
      lete solutions for different customers.

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