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    Relying on the internet, we use cloud computing to provide
    business clients with PaaS and SaaS to assist them to improve the efficiency of their communications with customers.
    Through packaging professional communications capabilities as API access and SDK, Cloopen has dramatically lowered communications services’ user
    thresholds for businesses and developers. Over 20 professional communications capabilities can be used by app and web clients and
    enterprise systems, including SMS/voice verification codes, voice notification
    intelligent interactive voice response, voice talkback/conferencing, video calls/ conferencing, etc.
    These capabilities can increase development and usage rates to quickly implement the five main functions of SMS/intelligent calling, telephone calls, mobile
    instant messaging, and meetings. We are dedicated to making communication become afundamental internet service.
    Our investor in round A, Sequoia Capital’s China fund was again the lead investor, with participation from several financial institutions,
    including Trustbridge Partners, which invested in round B,and new internationalstrategic investors.

    A round financing

    • In 2013

      Cloopen won investment from Sequoia Capital in investment round A.

    2013 2015 2016
    • A round financing
    • B round financing
    • C round financing

    With several years of experience and rapid development, Cloopen has twelve subsidiaries, with almost one thousand employees.

    Clients served by Cloopen include, but are not limited to, well-known internet enterprises such as Alibaba, Tencent, JD.com, Baidu, 360, Xioami, ele.me,
    Didi, Spring Rain Doctor, MOMO, Baihe.com, and ZTE. We have full coverage of a range of fields and industries including O2O,
    online education, internet healthcare, finance, network operators, government and enterprises,
    e-commerce, gaming, business IT systems, and logistics.
    Sun Changxun
    Founder and CEO
    Cloopen has been dedicated to one great cause – making communications service become the essential capability
    of the internet.
    Cloopen will constantly enhance product R&D and innovation, strengthen its competitive edge in product and technical service,
    and make a layout in corporate communications ecological circle. Cloopen will stay foolish, stay hungry and stay aware of the
    latest market changes.
    Our goal is to become the world’s largest communications cloud service provider for businesses.
    Cloopen will embark on developing overseas market and provide communications cloud service for enterprises
    across the world.
    In future, Cloopen will become an AI company.
    At present, we are still a provider of communication solutions. In future, Cloopen will become an AI company. In the era of com-
    munications 4.0, Cloopen’s goal is to use AI technology to renovate cloud communications service for businesses and to enter
    the area of IoT. No matter PaaS or SaaS service, they both aim to provide solutions for communications
    between people. We hope that this kind of communications capability can be applied to communications between things.
    Cloopen – Welcome new partners
    Focusing on new communications service, we provide enterprises with a comprehensive internet communications
    service.Encouraging creativity , encouraging employee's internal entrepreneurship.We are look forward to developing
    strategic partnerships with talented individuals, groups or companies.
    Corporate vision
    During the past several years, we have maintained development at a growth rate of more than seven times.
    Up to now, we have served more than 70 thousand business clients and more than two million developers.
    In future, we will seek opportunities in overseas market. Our mission is to help enterprises boost sales efficiency and improve customer service experience with communications service.
    What has Cloopen provided for clients?
    Lower, faster and easier.
    Lower means lower charge. With cloud communications, our clients can save over 70 percent in communications service cost
    compared with traditional communications.
    Faster means faster interconnection. If the communications capability is supported in APR and SDK mode,
    it only takes half a workday to realize full interconnection with Cloopen’s cloud communications platform.
    Easier means easier operation.One button for adjustment and several lines of codes will make it.
    Cloud computing has changed the connection and delivery modes of communications, realized the best integration and collaboration between
    communications net and the internet and between communications service and enterprises and considerably reduce the operation cost of the
    enterprise and increased its communication efficiency.
    Future trends
    In response to the integration of the internet and communications, we have closely followed “Five Trends” listed below.
    The trend of the internet - The focus changes from telecommunication network in the beginning, to communication service, to integrated
    communications nowadays, and to internet communications, the digitalization of communications has made OTT become the mainstream.
    The trend of capability - Communications are not only a products, but also gradually change into a capability. They have been integrated with various
    corporate applications and become an auxiliary tool for application services.
    The trend of integration - Communication service built up by the integration of multiple communication means
    (including IM, audio, video, meeting,call center, etc.) will bring corporate IT system and the internet App a broader connection.
    The trend of cloud computing - Communications service can be standardized for a cloud computing platform: The SaaS platform provides
    communications products while the PaaS platform provides communication capability.
    The trend of intelligence - In the age of IoE, the connectivity and support capability between AI, big data and IoT will experience a constant increase,
    continuously enhance the service ability of holistic solutions in the industry, and then contribute to building an intelligent interconnection ecology for
    communications service.
    Corporate culture
    Corporate culture is our soul.
    Integrity: Integrity is the fundamental faith of our enterprise and it is also a solid base for individual and corporate success.
    Responsibility: In Cloopen, everybody has the awareness of ownership and the senses of responsibility and mission, and will be responsible for the results.
    Cooperation: The collective interests of Cloopen people are put first and the satisfactory experience of Clooopen clients are put foremost. In Cloopen,
    everybody is cooperative and has the awareness of cooperation and a great vision. We refuse to make a compromise, complain and gloat.
    Innovation: Sustained innovation capability is the inexhaustible driving force for Cloopen to overcome obstacles
    and make progress. We will persist in encouraging innovation and make brave endeavors in spite of mistakes in reasonable range in order to achieve growth.
    Industry Accolades
    Internet Communications Services for Chinese Enterprises
    Manager Sun won "Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneur among Chinese
    Enterprises for Internet Communications Services "
    Awarded the China Analysys Big Data Grade China Analysys Star
    Enterprise Services
    China O2O Information Most Influential Enterprise 2015 Highest Customer Satisfaction for Integrated Communications Solution CTI Forum Editor's Recommendation 2015 Golden Headset China Best Customer Center Solution 2014 Award for the Cloud Communications Platform with the Most
    Commercial Value
    2012 Award for Successful Application for Successful Solution
    in China's Communications Sector
    Selected for "Best User Services Award" in 2015 for developing tools
    and services
    China O2O Information Award for Best Solution 2015 2015 China Internet Integrated Communications Enterprise Most
    Influential Enterprise
    Haosao Relian Best Cooperative Partner China Internet Best Employer of Engineers for the Year
    (Technical Category)
    2014 Most Influential Brand Award, China PaaS Platform Golden Ox Award, 2013 PaaS Platform 2012 Award for Outstanding Mobile Internet Innovation Project
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